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On a clear and bright late-September day, Quivers is sitting in a big purple-striped chair in her second-floor office, where translucent cream-colored curtains let in the autumn light.

She had woken up around midnight in a darkened recovery room, lying immobile for seven hours, listening to other patients' bells and buzzers going off, pondering possibilities.

After a lengthy seclusion, where her only real contact with the world was the radio show and doctors' visits, she's just starting to get her life back.

Yesterday was the first time in months she'd seen herself with a full head of hair – a curly, reddish-brown weave, to be specific.

"This whole time, the show gave me a reason to wake up in the morning," she says.

"Gave me four hours of extreme separation from what was really going on in my life. That was the four hours I got not to be sick."Quivers' doctors told her in July that she's cancer-free: "Cured" was the word they used.

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