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F; The names of these languages look similar but they are actually quite different. There are many arguments surrounding the phenomenon of globalization and they're all quite controversial. For example, Indian and Chinese takeaways are as popular as traditional British fish and chips. The issue is very controversial and there are lots of arguments for and against the process. Both globalists and anti-globalists think they are right. Right, you should have the interview before getting a new job in this company. Her responsibility makes her work hard and do everything in time. The Ministry of Education gives students a right to choose some of the final school exams. Nobody wanted to take responsibility for the accident so the police started an investigation. School rules say that it's a student's responsibility to study well, be organized and act politely. The officer in the airport is within his rights to ask them to show their passports. Our work plan was agreed on by everybody and I think we should follow it. As you can see the number of the students taking part in exchange programmes is just about twenty when in 2010 it is sixty. Moreover it should be mentioned that in those years and in 2005 the number of exchange programme students did not change at all. In conclusion it is important to remark that the general tendency is optimistic. I'm sure that there are no good or bad jobs but there are right and wrong ones for every particular person. take out ) to remove something from a box, bag, etc; 2.

F; Although less widespread than other variants, Runglish is spoken in a number of English- Russian communities. You should really want to learn a foreign language because only then you could do it. The world is seen as a global village in which all countries depend on each other and seem to be closer together. People who were born in other countries have brought their traditions, rituals and food with them. The other point is that our world may become less diverse because of globalization. The debates between globalists and anti-glo- balists are likely to continue in the near future. We have a responsibility to future generations is to prevent serious damage to the environment. It shows that the number of these students has increased between 20. As you can see in 2008 there was a falling compared to 20. She likes her job as she tells passionately about photography the sphere where she works. finish a course of study at university and get a qualification — to complete a degree. We have a wider career choice and we can shape our life according to our inclinations and abilities.

They say that, as multinational corporations become more powerful, they become less accountable for their actions. For example, rap and hip hop, types of music extremely popular among teenagers, originally came from Africa. F; In the 20th century Britain suffered much during the Second World War and people from other parts of the world were invited to help rebuild the country. I know that it's going to be easier in several months when I will learn how to deal with tasks and activities which format is unfamiliar to me and how to plan the day to ensure that everything is written and submitted on time. I wish someone could help me to choose the best one. It's also natural that different people have different job preferences.. set up d) to make a piece of equipment ready for use; 4. Today's American teens live in a world surrounded by communication technologies. And I don't think I could go anywhere before the middle of August.

Opponents of globalization or anti-globalists say that it exploits workers and degrades the environment. An international influence is also clearly seen in popular music styles. F Britain has become a country where different nationalities, cultures and religions are mixed. Globalization, meanwhile, is progressing and seems to be turning into an irreversible process. In spite of all difficulties in recent days the number of students who take part in exchange programmes has increased sufficiently. This is my first year at university and I have not got used to a new style of life yet. One and the same job could be very rewarding and enjoyable for one per-son and absolutely inappropriate for another one. Many years ago people used to live with very few things and used to have a lot of time to think. Today people have many electronic devices at their homes and use them every day. get down to a) to start doing something seriously; 3.

But supporters of globalization, or globalists, argue that world trade makes everyone richer. controversial — a) a point that people disagree on; 2. accountable — a) in a position where people have the right to criticize you or ask you why something happened; 4. Pop music developed into a global industry in the second half of the 20th century. 54,154,000 White 1,053,000 Indian 566,000 Black Caribbean 747,000 Pakistani 231,000 other minority groups 485,000 Black African 248,000 Vietnamese/Mala-ysian/Thai 98,000 Black American and Australian 283,000 Bangladeshi 247,000 Chinese , . I have been learning at school for 11 years, which gives me a reason to consider myself an expert on most school matters. Distance jobs are gaining popularity for the same reasons. Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you in order to respond to your advertisement in the magazine. I am fond of animals and ready to work as a volunteer. The number of teenagers using the internet has grown by 24% in the past four years, and 87% of those teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 are now online. Well, in early June I am leaving the Earth to take a short expedition to Mars. We are experimenting with new samples of biological matter. It means that I will have to research into the ancient technologies of the twenty first century.

a) burn up — to destroy a building or something large with fire, or be destroyed in this way; b) burn down — if it happens to an object, fire completely destroys it; c) fill in — to put something into a gap so that the gap no longer exists; to add information such as your name or address in the empty spaces of an official document; d) fill out — to add information such as your name or address in the empty spaces of an official document. bistro — French; feng shui — Chinese; graffiti — Italian; kangaroo — Australian Aboriginal; karaoke — Japanese; pyjamas — Indian; sauna — Finnish; scholarship — German; sofa — Arabic; zebra — African; troika — Russian. And there's increasing concern that multinational (mainly American) companies are crushing the cultures of smaller nations. The popularity of western music has spread all over the world. Even in schools different origins have to be taken into consideration, particularly when a school uniform is required. F; Several thousands years ago people travelled from many different parts of the world to live in Europe and Great Britain. In my turn I could share my personal experience with those who are still at school. Helen is holding one of the top jobs in the company now! She's very experienced: she's been doing the job for years. Some of for a well-paid job, and some people prestige — us seek a prestigious job, some look ourselves want to work freelance and don't care about money or they just want to be their own bosses and plan their own days. plug in b) to connect a piece of equipment to an electricity supply. The internet and cell phones have become a central force that drives the rhythm of daily life. I failed my history exam and have to resubmit the exam paper.

But Jesus, Paul, Peter and all the New Testament writers knew that demons exist, and they strongly warned us to be on guard and not fall into the devil’s traps.

His purpose is to keep you ignorant of God’s will for you.

But once you begin to take hold of the principles I’ve shown you here, you’ll have a great defense against him.

(See 2 Corinthians 4:3~4) UNBELIEF: If they fail to keep the truth from you, their next strategy is to keep you from taking these truths seriously.

What the devil Doesn’t want you to know here is they plant thoughts of unbelief in your mind.

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You and I can access that power by speaking God’s Word against the devil.

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