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Once correctly diagnosed, RLS can often be treated successfully.

The story then returns to reality with Janani finding a suicide letter in Ram's coat, and after reading it, she asks Senthil about his death.He immediately gets away from her bed and goes to his office and writes a suicide note.He sees visions of many people in front of him crying and laughing.To avoid causing further harm to Janani, he picks up a knife and slits his throat, and kills himself, saying his final words "I love you, Janani".The film ends with Janani wailing in grief, as she learns her husband's fate.

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The story moves forward to one evening at a nightclub, where Ram gets into a fight with a guy who misbehaves with Janani. After she leaves, the guy who misbehaved with Janani shows up with his friends and attacks Ram and Senthil. Owing to this, Ram manages to defeat the attackers.

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