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Theres plenty of opportunity to send messages back and forth before deciding whether to meet or not and ive not felt too much pressure of the guys on the site, most of them seem to get how careful we have to be as theyre married or in serious relationships too.Will definitely keep using it, my husband never checks my phone and doesnt know my password pattern anyway, and the site works well on my phones chrome browser so I do feel safe and he doesnt suspect anything, which I dont see changing with this site (touch wood).It's not about being oversexed or perverted, it's just about trying to get satisfaction without breaking up the family. In fact IMO its better than the big name sites because it goes under the radar.Anyway im rambling on, I like nostringsaffair and would have no problem anonymously recommending it to anyone who understand the importance of discretion /respect and is at a stage in their life where naughty fun is just not available at home anymore. When you're looking for a way to commit adultery, you dont take risks, you go underground.We hope you'll give our site a more committed try, as the free version only allows you to scratch the surface of the site's potential. Sure, this site is far from perfect, lets be strait on that from the start.

You have to live your life but also not hurt your partner and this site lets me do that.If any of my friends knew theyd be hurt, so its all about keeping everything private and I do feel safe on this site.The guys can be a bit hit or miss but if you use your common sense then youll realise the best guys to meet are the ones who are as paranoid as you about getting caught! I've wanted to cheat for years but never had the guts or the opportunity.Now thats changed and im actually at the point where ive been discussing where and when to meet a married women from london.

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I work in london a lot and I can see me meeting her soon, its just too tempting.

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